Mike Anderson's comfortable, easily accessible storytelling style uses a child's day-to-day frames of
reference to tell atmospheric, tall and home-cozy tales about a lace-up shoe house, wings for a
reluctant cat, a suspenseful search for the family pet and rainy day music-making. Other tales
include two animal myths: "The Lion and the Mouse" and "The Animals' First Christmas."  --Lynne
Heffley ©2003 Parents' Choice  (Used with permission)

An outstanding recording for young kids (and adults with a young-at-heart attitude!) This CD
includes 6 stories:
Anna’s Old Boot, The Lion and the Mouse, Teaching Fluffy to Fly, Max, Anna
and the Rainy Day, & The Animals’ First Christmas
PLUS 4 songs: I Dropped It!, How ‘Bout a
Moose?, Rain, Rain, & Cindy, Cindy
 Approximately 46 minutes – ages 3-adult
Anna's Old Boot
Stories and Songs by Mike Anderson
Parents’ Choice 2003 Award Winner
Winner on Children’s Music Web 2003 Best
Song iParenting 2004 award
JPF Music 2017 Nominee
CD $13.00 (Special Price!)
The Cat Came Back
Mike Anderson "Live"
CD $13.00
by Mike Anderson
Winner of a Fall 2000 Parents' Choice Award
With his trusty guitar, banjo, and mountain dulcimer, Mike sings some of the classic kid songs and
those destined to be. Whether it’s losing a library book or hunting for groundhog, this tape has
something for everyone. By the way, it has been selected by a couple of school and daycares
as the official van tape (the one everyone can agree on).

The Cat Came Back, The Riverboat Song, They’re Gonna Put Me in Jail, Wish I Was a
Mole in the Ground, Gypsy Rover, In My Time, Rubber Blubber Whale, Groundhog, I’m Gonna
Tell, I’m a Little Cookie,
and The Body in the Bag.  
Approx. 40 minutes - ages 3 - adult
community with his best pal, Denny. In conversational, professional storyteller's cadence.
Anderson communicates a wealth of vivid, down home imagery: "genuine imitation Davy Crockett
hats," 25 cent movies, Schwinn bicycles, October moons, crawdad fishing next to a graveyard,
using string, a safety pin and bacon; a favorite bike path through a cornfield that was "like a
green hallway" in the summer and a magical place of "corn ghosts" when the fog rolled in.    
--Lynne Heffley  ©2000 Parents' Choice

Crawdad Fishing, The Thumb, Cats, Billy Higgs, The Great Pickle Migration, The Great
Sled Race, and the Boys of Wexford.
Contains 6 stories and one very short dulcimer instrumental.
Approximately 73 minutes running time - Ages 7 - adult
Riding Trees

Denny and I, Volume One

by Mike Anderson
At last, a tape devoted to the
neighbor Denny. From the time of
space, this is a recording for
Hey Diddle Diddle,
Peas, The New School, The
Return of the Poultrygeist, &
Riding Trees  
4 stories & 1 song -
approx. 41 minutes  ages 7 - adult
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Sing A-Long with Santa’s Little Brother!

Jolly Old St. Nicholas (J. Pierpont & B. Hanby)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (J. Marks)
Up On the Housetop (B. Hanby)
The Big Red Sleigh (lyrics by M. Anderson)
Jingle Bells (J. Pierpont)
Here Comes Santa Claus (G. Autry & O.
Here We Come A-Caroling (Traditional)
Frosty the Snowman (J. Rollins & G. Nelson)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (F. Coots & H.
Gillespie, )
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Traditional)
Christmas Songs
by Hugo Kringle

CD $10
DVD contains live video of Mike dating back to the New Salem Storytelling
Festival and other venues. If you watch closely, you can see his hair change
"The energy of Anderson's performance shines as brightly as the August
sun." JJC

Big Hairy Spider, Peas, Soggy Frog, Oh, Groundhog,
I Dropped It! and Warm Kitty

$12   PayPal or Credit Card
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Jacksonville, IL 62651

Hugo's Sing-a-long  Christmas Songbook

This is a lyric/chord
book. A couple of
new songs have a
music lead sheet
with dulcimer tab,
but the rest do not.

Mountain Dulcimer Chords
Ukulele Chords

The Big Red Sleigh
Away in a Manger
Deck the Halls
Eight Little Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
Here Comes Santa Claus
Here We Come A’Caroling
Jingle Bells
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Over the River
Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Silent Night
Up on the Housetop
We Wish You a Merry

A coloring sheet

chords and lyrics
plus sheet music for Mike's originals: Big
Red Sleigh, This Christmas, Eight Little
Auld Lang Syne * The Big Red Sleigh *
Away in a Manger *
Deck the Hall * Eight Little Reindeer *
Joy to the World * Here Comes Santa Claus *
Here We Come A’Caroling * Jingle Bells *
Jolly Old St. Nicholas * Over the River * This
Christmas * Silent Night * Up on the Housetop *
We Wish You a Merry Christmas * and more
Spooky -
Ghosts come calling, panthers prowl the farmyard, ghosts in
the cornfield, a detached thumb in a boy's pocket, not to
mention mutant vegetables and a steamboat's bell.

Stories: Aunt Jessica's Story, The Thumb, Billy Higgs,
McIntyre Homestead

Songs: Waltzing Matilda, Broccoli Man, The Big, Hairy
Spider. & The Ghost Bell

Ages 8-adult   Approx 40 minutes