Programs and other stuff

Songs, Stories, and a Boingy Boingy Thing and
a Clackity Clack Thing and a Noseflute!
Mike’s kids’ shows are legendary. His dynamic performance style keeps the audience, both
young and old, entranced. Stories and 5 different musical instruments make his shows kids
will talk about for quite a while.

Mike is a renowned storyteller with the ability to reach multi-age audiences. Whether
telling his stories of growing up with his next-door neighbor Denny or relating traditional
tales, Mike blends stories and music to make a great show.
(All ages)

Mike is really Hugo Kringle, Santa Claus's younger brother and he makes a great holiday
program. Unlike his famous brother who typically talks to one kid at a time, Hugo sings
secular holiday songs and tells stories of growing up with the boy who will become Santa
Claus. Hugo handles the whole room at once eliminating he need for side projects at he
holiday program.

This program works best for the 8 and under crowd.
Preschool is more than possible.

Mike can also do a Kid's Christmas Program of
songs and stories without Hugo.

A) A demonstration of musical instruments beginning with a horse’s jawbone and ending with
a modern guitar. Mike walks through the development of folk instruments discussing and
demonstrating what our ancestors used to make music. (All ages)
B) A short talk on the history of instruments and then the actual building of an instrument
using tin cans, fishing line, a chunk of wood, and some adult helpers. See the back page
for a materials list. (Ages 7+)

This is a workshop Mike has kept under wraps for the last few years. In an hour, Mike
can teach a bunch of kids how to play kazoo, shaker egg, noseflute, jawharp, and make a
strong attempt at the bones. Really. This workshop is a lot of fun! There are several
instrument fee packages available. The kids get to keep the instruments. (Ages 7 – adult)

Materials and Other Important Information:

The “I Can Play!” workshop requires an instrument fee for all participants.  Most places get a donation
of $$ from a local business or have the kids bring the $$ themselves.

There are several packages available:
Package #1: Noseflute, Kazoo, and Jawharp: $15.00 per participant
Package #2: Jawharp with Noseflute OR Kazoo: $12.00 per participant
Package #3: Shaker egg, Noseflute, AND kazoo: $10.00 per participant
Package #4: Noseflute and kazoo: $8.00 per participant

Bone playing can also be a part of these workshops as a side craft. The site would need to provide a
hot glue gun and a competent glue-gun operator for this. Fee: $4 per kid.

Spoons can be added to any package for $10
A shaker egg can be added to any package for $3.00


Fees are variable.  The more shows in an area, the cheaper the shows are individually. Contact Mike
and discuss your needs.  He can usually work within your budget.

Mike sells his books, recordings, and other things after his shows. This is how he's able to offer
libraries a reduced fee.

Two show locations may split a day and save both some $$$.
The locations and schedule must be within easy driving distance to allow Mike to go from one to the
other without violating too many traffic laws.

If you wish to block book with several libraries over a number of days, contact Mike for an adjusted
fee schedule.

Live outside Illinois?  Mike travels out-of-state quite a bit, so contact him to arrange fees for your

Ready for Mike to come to your town?  

But wait! Even more workshops (He's a workshop buffet...):

Storytelling in the Classroom

Storytelling for Literacy for Early Childhood Teachers, Providers, and/or Parents

Promoting Higher Level Thinking Through Classroom Activities

Writing Stories for Telling
: either for adults or kids, but not together

Beginning Storytelling Performing for Kids: an adult class about doing shows for kids

Performance for Kids: a kid class on performance technique

Build a Monster: includes art, creativity, and storytelling -all ages

Performance Techniques

Advanced/Beginner's Mountain Dulcimer

Mt. Dulcimer Tune Decoration
: trills, hammer-ons, chording, cheap tricks

Kids’ Music: not a kid’s class, utilizing Mountain Dulcimer, guitar, banjo, etc.

Kids’ Songs- writing & playing pocket instruments: how to play jawharp, bones, noseflute,

Making Musical Instruments from Junk: for kids or adults an interactive workshop

Mike Anderson: Storyteller
where Mike’s been Keynote Speaker or Presenter:

Southern Illinois AEYC Early Childhood Conference - Early Childhood and GED presentations
Illinois State Board of Education Language Arts Committee
Illinois Family Literacy Conference: story as a literacy tool presentation
Storytelling For Literacy Early Childhood Workshops: for teachers and parents
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC: dulcimer playing and children’s music
West Carolina University, Cullowee, NC: dulcimer playing and children’s music
Purdue University: storytelling and dulcimer
Illinois Reading Council: featured speaker
Springfield Educational Conference
Northeast Missouri State University: musical instrument construction
Whirlwind Storytelling Weekend: featured presenter,
Riverwind’s Storytelling Guild
MO - Tell: storytelling workshop
Illini Storytelling Guild: workshop
Children’s workshops where we built instruments, monsters, and stories
Teacher In-Service workshops on storytelling and music for non-musical people or
integration of music and/or storytelling into the classroom.
Midwest 5 Regional Office of Education Gifted Education Workshops
and many more....