Adult and Family Programming
Mike Anderson is known nationally as an outstanding
Children's Entertainer.
The combination of music, storytelling and humor has made Mike Anderson one of the most sought-after performers
from the Atlantic coast to Canada to the Gulf and all points in between.  His storytelling recording, a collection of
original writing entitled
The Great Sled Race, won a Parents’ Choice 2000 Silver Honor. Another combination music
and storytelling recording
Anna’s Old Boot received 2003 Parents’ Choice Honors, 2004 iParenting Media Honors,
and also won the Children’s Music Web’s Best Children’s Song 2003 for “I Dropped It.” One of Mike’s mountain
dulcimer  CDs was nominated for an Indie.

A secret kept by Libraries, Museums, and Senior Centers is that Mike also has a large array of
outstanding Adult Programming Shows.

The Life and Times of Lincoln

The Times of Abraham Lincoln is a 45- 60 minute,
interactive celebration in music and story of the
Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and the
Commander-In-Chief of the North: Abraham

Folk Singer, Storyteller, Musician and Music
Historian, Mike Anderson brings the music of the
American Civil War to life using Civil War era
instruments of the men who fought the war.
Stories of the formative years of the young man
who became the 16th President will be artfully
interwoven to create an educational, entertaining
and memorable event.
The Beauty of the Mountain Dulcimer

Mike Anderson is one of the premier Mountain Dulcimer Players in the country with six instrumental dulcimer recordings to his
credit.. From North Carolina to Louisiana to the Abraham Presidential Museum, Mike makes traditional and modern music come
alive on this mountain instrument.
A truly beautiful entertaining and educational program.

A lot of the shows Mike does are background music for dinners, mixers, art gallery openings, holiday events, and any place
instrumental, non-obtrusive music is needed.
While band instruments are most often seen with the music of the Civil War, multi-instrumentalist Mike Anderson will use the banjo,
mountain dulcimer, jawharp, bones, and other handmade instruments to bring the songs alive and lead the audience in the singing of the
How-to-Play Dulcimer Workshops are also a possibility!
A very cold Farmers Market,
The last one of the season!
Christmas Programs

Mike performs at a large number of Christmas Dinners and
Staff Receptions during the Christmas Season. A typical
night would be Instrumental Music before dinner and then a
15-30 minute program after dinner.
Christmas at the Abraham Lincoln
Presidential Museum

Mike can also do just his regular
program for adults.
Stories, songs, sing-a-longs, and a wide
variety of instrumentation will create a
program that will captivate adults as
much as it captivates kids.

Mike is, above all, a truly gifted

"Mike's easy ability to make everyone
smile makes him a big hit. It's amazing
to see a room full of people, people of all
ages, having so much fun. His skill in
reaching a whole audience is a talent, if
not pure magic."

--Jenny Hamblin, Lafayette Natural
History Museum, Lafayette, LA

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PO Box 35, Jacksonville, IL 62651
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Trenton Public Library
We enjoyed Mike Anderson's presentation so much! What a great entertaining and educational
Music of the
Civil War

The Hawk Eye