If your dulcimer doesn’t fit any of these, Steve Endsley will
custom build it for you. Email us for more information.

It’s a proven fact that you will play more if your dulcimer is
ready for action and not stuffed away in its case. These are
Always have your dulcimer ready for also great for holding your
instruments and tab while jammimg or on stage
These stands can also be used as a music stand.
The Dulcimette Stand adjustments:         Standard Stand Adjustments:
Upper Bout 3 ¾" to 7 ¼"         Upper Bout 4 ¼" to 9 ¼"
Lower Bout 3" to 6 ½"         Lower Bout 4" to 8 ¼"
$38.99                                     $42.99

Large Stand Adjustments:
Upper Bout: 4 ¼" to 9 ¼"
Lower bout: 3 ¼" to 9"
too, so he created these string sets (mostly for his own use).  These
sets are engineered to make mountain dulcimers play easier through
the not-too-unique idea of lighter gauge strings.

Medium - .012  .012  .012  .024 wound

Loop End Medium $3.50
.012 .024 wound

Loop End Extra Light  $3.50
Extra light - .009 .012 .022 wound loop only
Sweetwater Dulcimer Capos

I like these a lot. They go on
easily and remain tight. You'll
probably lose this capo before
it wears out!


This is a link to Mike's lesson site. On this page he lists dulcimers for sale. All of these
instruments have been played and approved by Mike Anderson.
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